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Filmmaker’s Vision

We are all appalled at the depth of depravity involved with every aspect of human trafficking. That young people are taken, their childhood ravaged, abused and then discarded enrages everyone of conscience. We have seen numerous well meaning attempts to raise awareness through the power of film. People care, and there has been a lot of good work done.

While we will endeavor to effect change with THE SILENT CHILDREN, this is not your ordinary documentary. Our film will not be an external look at the problem by the privileged – rather, we will get under the skin of the problem. You won’t find a series of talking heads, droning interviews, or well-meaning movie stars in our show.

We are inspired by dramatic Academy Award® winning feature documentaries such as THE COVE, and MAN ON WIRE. (In each case riveting drama held the uninitiated viewer’s attention, while taking them into a real and secret world.) We also can’t help but take notice of successful shows like LAW & ORDER – SPECIAL VICTIMS UNIT, commercial but trying to deal with real issues.

For THE SILENT CHILDREN, we will be entering a dangerous world where the stakes are high. The truth will be depicted totally uncensored. Our film will be one of adventure and harsh reality, as our filmmaking teams go undercover to capture never before seen footage. Their journey will also be recorded for all to see. Will they get in? Will they get out?

Director Dean Karr’s signature aggressive visual approach will drive us to do everything except the obvious. His non-traditional eye will capture the subject matter in an abstract, dark and artistic manner. The experience and talent of our creative team assures a level of excellence that will enthrall the audience. Dean’s approach will guarantee that the viewer share in the gritty nature and adrenaline rush by keeping an edge to the threat of danger that exists in each situation (see sample material to be covered in our Story Outline and Background Information sections).

In every situation we will have unique access. Through our privileged connections we will work with local contacts in place, capturing the intensity and risk of those (at times underground) on the front lines. We will discover the horrors real-time and before our eyes, and then share for the world to see. Several of these local connections may be trying to effect the lives of a just few children, but they know the realities from the ground up, and … they are heroes – the real stars.

At some point we will depart from revealing existing case studies, and discover our own. For example… for one series of events, Dean would like to use multiple hidden cameras to infiltrate the system through the clientele. By befriending 3-4 individuals in the sex tourism circle, we will capture candid testimonials. We’ll follow the money. Then we’ll follow the clients, learning where they reside, what their professions are and their family situations. We will eventually visit their favorite brothels and watch them as they make their deals. We also might be in another room, with the girl-child, filming the environment within the wrongful bedroom. Later we’d part ways with the sex tourist for good, and edit our piece of explosive film together. We might even capture footage of Dean Karr sharing the footage with the individual’s family back home.

We all know that sex slavery, child trafficking and organ harvesting have no boundaries. As much as we may not like to admit it, it’s happening in our own backyard as well as on the other side of the world. Through THE SILENT CHILDREN we hope to contribute striking testament to the urgent need for correction and change. We can make a difference!