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Photos for The Silent Children by Dean Karr

Photos by Dean Karr

THE SILENT CHILDREN will be a long-form documentary film with a compelling and original point of view. Drawing upon the unique talents and experience of its filmmaker, it will take the viewer deep into a world that exposes the truths of child sexploitation, and human trafficking. In keeping with the great tradition of hard-hitting investigative film journalism, and through privileged access, the film will follow several never before seen scenarios.

Ranging from shocking exposé to uplifting redemption, our approach will always be fresh and engaging. As we send field teams to film in distant locations, we will deal with subject matter that presents a world-view of this growing humanitarian crisis. At times we will present an overview of the problem, at other times we will follow individual stories of heroism.

Our on-screen presentations will provide both informative material as well as riveting drama that will burn the screen with it’s intensity and impact. Designed for both theatrical and broadcast presentation, it is our intention to present a film that will affect the world we live in, while demanding award-winning attention.