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Traffic Jam Campaign

Traffic Jam CampaignThe Traffic Jam Campaign unites musicians and their fans to join the fight to stop child trafficking domestically and around the world. Since 2004 Traffic Jam has raised substantial funds for community-based prevention, rescue and after care solutions, for highly vulnerable and previously enslaved children in over twenty countries. Traffic Jam works with many faiths, NGOs, and government programs.

Traffic Jam “unleashes music to stop child trafficking.” The ability to work musicians into the documentary will help to give other identifiable voices for these children. For example, Pat Benatar said that her “Hell is for Children” song is all about child abuse.

There are many artists that have written similar types of songs, or who simply want to speak up for the children. Given the right songs or talking points, artist vignettes could offer a good transition from one episode to another in the documentary. Often a good story isn’t enough. The inclusion of artists (both on the soundtrack and with vignettes in the movie), will add a lot more sizzle, media interest, and potential viewership. Some of those artists involved might include: The Dave Matthews Band, Rolling Stones, Sheryl Crow, John Mayer, Lincoln Park, etc.